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    Imbed video not click to play CS6?



        I want to put video in a flash banner,

      I tried to follow a tutorial for this but when it

      got to the part about the Imbedding screen I did

      not find an imbedding screen or any

      corresponding part of that screen that was

      listed in the tutorial.  Furthermore I think

      these instructions are to imbed a video

      where you click the video to play it.  But I

      want to put a video as part of the animation

      automatically where you don't click the video,

      but it just animates automatically along

      with everything else.  How do I do this?  I

      am using version CS6.  I also don't want the

      sound from the video file.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          Have you read this Adobe Help article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flash/cs/using/WSb03e830bd6f770ee-70a39d612436d472f4-7ff8.html


          Does that give you more useful information?

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            jimiwa Level 1

            OK, I can't get past the part where I add the FLV file because I don't know how to create

            an FLV file with Media Encoder in CS6.  I've googled it and searched for about 30 minutes

            but I don't want to waste more time if someone knows how to do it. I found tutorials

            for previous versions but of no use, no tutorials for my version so far, time is important

            to me so if you or anyone knows it I'm sure it would take less than a minute to tell me.

            I would appreciate the help.  It's not obvious how

            to do it in Media Encoder from the user interface.  The default file created is not FLV, it's F4V,

            not sure what settings to use in Media Encoder to get FLV.


            Thanks for your reply.

            I will mark your reply as correct when I get this to work.


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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

              When you open the CS6 Media Encoder you should see four windows: Queue, Encoding, Preset Browser and Watch Folder. If the video file that you want to use is not already showing in the Queue window, drag a copy of the file into that window. Then go to the Preset Browser window and scroll down to the section labeled "Web Video". Open that section and you should see four sub-sections: DG Fast Channel, Flash, Vimeo and YouTube. Open the one labeled "Flash". You will now see a list of all of the possible video encoding presets. You will see that there are FLV and F4V formats, frame sizes, frame rates and target data rates listed. Find the preset that you want to use and drag it to the Queue window. You can right click and delete the default preset that is in the listing if you like. If you want to try several different presets, select each one and drag it to the Queue window.


              The section marked Output File in the Queue window shows you the path to the file that will be created. You can change this if you like. Press the green arrow button in the upper right corner of the Queue window when you are ready to encode the file.


              You can watch the progress of the encoding in the Encoding window.

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                jimiwa Level 1

                Awesome possum.  You solved both my problems.  Thanks.