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    Estimated file size in Media Encoder too big by 8 GB, Why? Need to be accurate

    EdwurdAdam Level 1

      I completed a 2 and a half hour project in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 at 1440 x 1080i


      I went to encode it through Media Encoder. (File ---- Export ------ Media) the box opened up and I set my settings. I encoded it at (CBR)


      I looked at the file size and it said it was estimated at 15GB, which is what I wanted it to be.


      It took 4 hours to encode and when it was done I looked at the file size and it was 23 GB.


      Why? It said it was going to be 15 GB


      I imported it into Encore as an asset and put it on a timeline. Encore says the project is now 31 GB (I do have Animated Butons with Moviing Videos inside of them so that is adding to the size).


      How can I get an accurate size so when it says it going to be 15 GB it is going to be 15 GB?



      Premiere Pro CS 5.5

      Media Encoder 5

      Encore 5.5