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    Letterboxing after Render


      hello. I recently re-installed Cs5.5, and I'm working on a project that I used neoscene to convert the dslr footage into AVI. footage looks and plays fine. But I just added a dissolve between a black video clip and a video clip. When I played the un-rendered clip, it was fine, but when I rendered the effect, during the time frame of the dissolve(the space on the timeline for the duration of the dissolve, it letterboxes the 1920x1080 footage, and then when the dissolve is complete and it's only on the clip it then switches to the full screen again. I've never encountered this problem. I tried closing and re-opening the project, but it didn't work. To clarify, the projects settings are correct, even dragged the footage into the new item button just to make sure, and it starts with a black video which I created as 1920x1080 and it fades into 1920x1080 footage. This shouldn't be a problem, but it's letterboxing the footage for a second and then popping back into normal.

      UPDATE:  I did render and export a small wmv of the footage with the fade rendered even though it was messed up in the timeline. It came out OK on the wmv file, but I still do think something is weird. If anyone has an opinion, please let me know.