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    Full-text search not working in CHM file

      Hello, everybody.

      I'm using Robohelp for Word X5.0.1 and Office 2003 to generate my CHM file. The full-text search was working perfectly, but my boss spent a day in my workstation installing stuff and apparently he changed some configurations, since then, the search can't find anything, it always comes up with "No topics found" even though I'm searching for keywords that are in at least one topic.

      I don't know if it's just coincidence or it there's some connection, but also since the same day I cannot hide get the hotspots to hide in Word text. So, for example, a hotspot that appeared in Word like {bmc button.bmp}, now is displayed as: {bmc button.bmp}Topic_Name. I know in a normal project we use the show/hide ¶ button in Word, but now even when it's hiding formatting marks, it still shows the name of topics, instead of hiding them as well.

      I would appreciate your comments in any of these problems, even if they are not related. The Topic names being displayed are just annoying, but if there is no connection, the most important is getting the Full-Text Search to work.

      Thanks in advance.