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    TOC link issues with Kindle Previewer // can't compile my epub


      I've been trying since yesterday to compile an epub on Kindle Previewer with no luck. Each time, I get the same error message:


      Error(prcgen):E24010: Hyperlink not resolved in toc (One possible reason can be that the link points to a tag with style display:none):/var/folders/wy/m9vs8n7d59j5gyc1rz1znvnw0000gn/T/mobi-gzc49w/OEBPS/K04-Nort hernVA.html#toc_marker-9


      I've checked the html in the main TOC and in K04-NorthernVA, and everything looks okay. I've gone back into InDesign to first unlink, then re-link the text anchors to make sure they are correct. (And the link does, in fact, point to a tag with a character style, not to "none".) Then I try again, and still no luck.

      What am I missing? Is there someplace else I can look, something else I can try?


      All suggestions gratefully accepted. (I successfully uploaded this book last year--this time around I've just added a few updates for the 2013 edition--so I've done this before, just can't figure out what's going wrong this time around.)

      Thanks in advance!