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    Why is Photoshop Touch reducing my file size?


      The original photo I'm working with is 2.6 MB taken with my iPhone, editing is being done in Photoshop Touch on an iPad 2. After adjusting contrast and color and trying to export, the file is 41kb. There don't seem to be any tutorials on exporting projects, and the only options are exporting as JPG or PNG, and both are reducing my file size. Is there a way to adjust file exporting preferences? I want the full resolution of the file to be exported when I am finished.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          PS Touch only permits JPEG and PNG when exporting directly to your device. Exporting by "sharing" (rather than "save to") via a service like Dropbox permits the full range of file formats (JPEG, PNG, PSD & PSDX).


          Not sure what's causing the file to shrink so considerably. My projects, provided I kept the same dimensions, are generally the same size as my originals when I save locally. (I'm on Android.)