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    Best way to animate this graphic?


      Hi everyone, I'm brand new to AE, though I'm very familiar with other products in the Adobe suite. Attached is an image I'm working on animating, I want each line to draw at a different speed from left to right.


      I'm conisdering using the "write-on" effect to reveal each color in its own layer. But in doing so, I would lose that very subtly rounded end I have at the end of the path.


      Is there another way to draw these "growing" lines while keeping that subtly rounded end?




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          Klaus_Brandenburg Level 2

          Have you considered the paint effect? Just double-click on a layer, draw your strokes with the brush tool (where you have all brush options) and you can animate every stroke individually.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Not really. All built-in stroke effects or features (Stroke, Write-On, shape layer strokes) have rounded or capped ends. If at all you will have to use them, but on top also add a suitably shaped "dot" that acts as your cap. Not impossible and with a bit of copy&paste from motion paths to masks and back, also relatively quick to do. Path alignemnt could be controlled using the auto-orinet stuff, timing by moving the keyframes. Of course there may be alignment issues or things like motion blur affect the appearance and you'll have to start over when you change things. If you have Trapcode Particular, you may also be able to mimic this by letting a suitable particle shape accumulate along its motion path...



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I would use stroke and attach a graphic to the head of the stroke using the technique I described HERE. Instead of an  arrowhead, use a shape that matches your drawing. Then it's just a matter of layering and adjusting the keyframes. Here is a sample project file from the thread. Pre-compose the stroke and the head then use that as a track matte for your lines. EZ as PIE....


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                anagramable Level 1

                Thanks Rick, that really helped. I found that the speed I have the lines moving, the ends end up looking a compressed anyway, so no need to create that head shape for this project. But I'll keep it in mind for the next one.