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    Web Gallery created in Bridge not displaying first picture correctly on a Unix server


      Hi Guys, Am really stumped by a problem that has surfaced after moving from a Windows web hosting server to a Unix hosting platform. The Web Galleries created in both Bridge CS4 and CS6 display and operate as expected on the Windows server. However, having moved to a Unix hosting platform, I observe an odd behavior when going to the Web Gallery page. When the gallery loads, it displays the first image offset. This is always the top left hand quarter of the picture, offset to show in the bottom left hand corner, leaving the top left and right quarters and the bottom left quarter black (I use quarters to best describe the situation, though it really does seem as if the view port of the Gallery is indeed quartered for this first image).

      If I click on the second image in the series, it appears full size. The same happens if I click on the "Play" button. If I return to the first image manually, it displays full size.

      The phenomenon is apparent in Firefox 19.0.2, IE9, Opera and Chrome, all of the latest build.

      Can anyone throw some light on why this phenomenon is occurring and better still, suggest a cure?

      Grateful for all and any help anyone can give.

      Cheers, Daviddhg