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    no video and settings pop-up doesn't display


      I get audio but no video.  Tried to run through the troubleshooting steps but I can't complete them because the Settings dialog box doesn't display (right-click on a flash video box, Settings...).  All the other steps are correct.  Windows 7, IE9, flash 11.7.700.169


      I had IE 10 and thought it might be that since it was a recent upgrade so I downgraded to IE 9.  Uninstalled flash with uninstall utility and reinstalled.  Test boxes in Flash Player support pages show nothing, just a blank box, regardless of whether Flash is installed or uninstalled.


      update: video works and the settings dialog box does pop-up in youtube but neither in facebook.  I disabled hardware acceleration while I had it up in youtube, but it doesn't help facebook playback.


      update 2: when I uninstalled IE 9 as well, imbedded flash finally worked in IE8.  Reinstalled IE 9 and it's back to not working again. Any ideas?


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