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    can't control parent MC with nested button

    ChockRock Level 1
      Thanks to KGLAD for hooking me up on my last question!

      I have another simple question and have searched for an answer, but I fear my ignorance of programing in general is keeping me from searching for the right term. I know this has to be a stupid question, but I'm new so I don't mind looking foolish.

      I have a button called start_btn that I have nested at the end of a movie clip (animated text that turns into a button) I have this movie clip on the stage in scene 1. My question is simple. How do I get the button in the movie clip to advance to a frame in Scene1?

      I included the code in my question, but I get an error when I test the movie, even though when I check sntax I get no errors:

      Here is the error I get when I click the button:
      TypeError: Error #1123: Filter operator not supported on type designInAction_fla.MainTimeline.
      at designInAction_fla::start_movie_1/startClick()