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    Advice on updating my system with some new hardware for Premiere Pro and Adobe Programs


      Hi Folks,

      I am looking to give my pc a spring clean and performance boost for editing mostly DSLR footage in Premiere Pro, I do light colour corrections and usually have between 1 and 4 layers of video on timeline. I also use noise reduction software sometimes, which i know slows down the renders a lot.

      I was going to post this in the "Generic Guideline for Disk Setup" but that thread is locked for now.

      My current system is :

      Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Processor i7-960 (3.20GHz) 4.8GTs/8MB


      Motherboard ASUS® P6X58D-E: DDR3, USB 3.0, SATA 6.0GB/s, 3-Way SLI

      Memory (RAM) 12GB SAMSUNG DDR3 TRI-DDR3 1333MHz (3 x 4GB)

      Graphics Card 1536MB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX480 GDDR5 PCI EXPRESS - DirectX®


      Memory - 1st Hard Disk 1.5TB SERIAL ATA 3-Gb/s HARD DRIVE WITH 32MB CACHE (7200rpm)

      2nd Hard Disk 1.5TB SERIAL ATA 3-Gb/s HARD DRIVE WITH 32MB CACHE (7200rpm)


      I already have an extra 12GB of RAM to put in.

      I am wondering what the best 3 upgrades i can make are.

      I want to put a 512ssd in for my OS and App's.
      My current workflow is to use the D Drive for media, projects and exports and previews, C drive for OS,programs and media cache ( so not the best ). I back all media up to separate external hard drives also.

      1. Should i set up my D and E drive in Raid0 and perhaps get a second SSD drive for either the media cache+pagefile or the preview+exports?
      2. Most projects I do usually end up being about 120GB in size when finished, so I was also thinking..................Use a 256GB SSD for Media+Projects ( i would just import all the media from one of the back-ups when i want to do each project ) . So that would leave me with 4 drives........SSD for OS and Programs, SSD for Media+Projects and my two internal 1.5GB drives for the cache+pagefile and the the preview+exports ( again would there be an advantage in setting these up in any RAID config? Is so which type and why? . These are the ssd's i was looking at (http://www.crucial.com/eu/store/partspecs.aspx?IMODULE=CT256M4SSD2) , any better options in similar pricerange?
      3. Would the GTX-660Ti be a good upgrade ( http://www.dabs.com/learn-more/components-and-storage/nvidia-geforce-gtx-660-ti-11789.html ) ? Is so is there any difference in manufacturers or anything specific i need to look out for compatibility wise? Is there any other videocards that would be worth the upgrade without breaking the bank?
      4. If i did set up the 2 internal drives in some type of RAID would that affect any files already on them? Would i still see the 2 drives on my system and be able to store files ( my documents etc) on them as normal?


      Thanks for taking the time to help, all advice is appreciated.