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    Indesign wrong Bleed Area in PDF



      I'm going to publish a book through a book-on-demand online service and I wanted some informations because I think there are problems with my Bleed Area in the PDF's exported from Indesign.

      My book is about 190 pages in A4, so I set its dimensions to 210 mm x 297 mm, with a Bleed Area on each side of 3,175 mm as stated on the online website.

      Since my background should extend on each side and I don't want white borders to appear on the page sides during the print, I extended the background to the bleed area, as the following picture (my facing pages master):


      When I export my book I get a strange result. Basically some pages have the inner bleed, that should contain the background I extended, totally white. Others, instead, have the copy of a part of the beginning of the previous page. Like this picture:


      This page is a new chapter, a new document of my indesign book. As you can see the bleed area on the left doesn't contains the background I extended but its white. Same happens with other pages, like the one of the chapter ending.

      Next you find the image of a common page in my book, as you can see the bleed area is fulled with the beginning of the background of another page.


      This is the PDF i get when exporting. I think something is wrong.


      I really need a lot of help on this, since I put much efforts in this project I would like to understand what I'm doing wrong now!

      Thanks a lot for any help!