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    Changing CQ mode


      Hi All,


      I have changed my CQ mode from publish to author, and back to publish from author.


      However, the sling mode is set as publish in everywhere, the page still opening in author mode.


      Any help/workaround to this? I am using CQ5.4 on windows desktop.

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          dcollie Adobe Employee

          Hi Manistays,


          You cannot change the system runmode from author->publish (or vice versa) after starting CQ for the first time. 

          Use a fresh CQ instance and start it in the runmode you need.


          Thanks -- David

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            Jörg Hoh Adobe Employee

            you can change the runmode after the startup, that is not a problem. Maybe it does not only have the outcome you would expect.


            Starting with CQ 5.5 the initial setup of ACLs is done based on the runmode. Also the setup of the intial redirect when you hit /. So it is not recommended.