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    Background Image Problems


      Im trying to make a page where i need my background to be HD 16:10 ratio . But every time i place an image to the screeen and view it in a browser it scales the image 2 3 times its actula size. Can somone tell me what em i dooing wrong?


      I have set the scene to 100% and the image div to 1920x1080 px, when i do this the problem appears, it makes the image 2-3 times biger then my 1920x1080 screen rezolution, but if i set it to 100% x 100% it works fine. I know that it would be normal to set it with 100% but this problem appears everyhwere, when i place an image div, i would like to know why isnt it working as i would expected it to. I was trying to place a "replay" button and when i set it to a fixed width had the same problem.

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          OH THE SHAME !!!

          I found the problem , You can add me to the list of idiots, Yesturday i zoomed chrome (ctr  +) and thath was the problem why i had my images displayed 3x times larger, becouse i had it on 300%.

          Sorry for taking up space in your database with my post.