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    Check in dialog with Adobe Drive 4.2 doesn't work

    juibra Level 1



      we are currently implementing a custom check-in dialog using Adobe Drive 4.2.

      The dialog looks like the example given in discussion "Custom check in dialog".

      To build the SWF, I use Flash Builder 4.5 with Adobe Flex SDK 4.0.0 (flex_sdk_4.0.0.14159A).

      I have created a new Flex Project with Application type "Web" and added a MXML Modul with name "CustomUI" and option "Do not optimize (module can be loaded by multiple applications)".

      After compiling the project I extract the "CustomUI.swf" and copy the file in the "resources" folder of my Custom Adobe Drive adapter.


      I implement the "IGetCustomCheckInUIHandler", "ICanEnableCustomCheckInUIHandler" and "IGetCustomCheckInUIContextInfoHandler":


      "IGetCustomCheckInUIHandler" sets the module url like

      response.setModuleURL(Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().getResource("resource s/CustomUI.swf"));


      "ICanEnableCustomCheckInUIHandler" enables the custom ui dialog with



      "IGetCustomCheckInUIContextInfoHandler" adds some context data like

      Map<String, Object> contextInfo = new HashMap<String, Object>();

      contextInfo.put("key1", "test1");


      (Also hidding the "IGetCustomCheckInUIContextInfoHandler" in "IRemoteHandlerFactory" doesn't work.)


      Right click on an checked out asset in Windows Explorer and click on "Adobe Drive 4/Check in..." does following:

      1. "IGetCustomCheckInUIHandler" called

      2. "ICanEnableCustomCheckInUIHandler" called

      3. "IGetCustomCheckInUIHandler" once more called

      4. "IGetCustomCheckInUIContextInfoHandler" called

      5. The default check in dialog is shown (with no custom ui extension), the default dialog hangs (OK/Cancel doesn't react on click, the dialog is freezed). Only the close button (X in the right upper corner) works.


      How is it possible to provide a custom ui check in dialog?



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          Laurel Zimmer Adobe Employee

          I would suggest getting assistance from our Adobe Developer Support group for this inquiry (this group supports questions related to the Adobe Drive SDK). Support from this group is available via membership to the Adobe Technology Partner Program or via an Adobe Developer Support single support incident or bundle of incidents: http://www.adobe.com/support/programs/developer/

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            GuillaumeK Level 1



            I have exactly the samme issue.  Step by step, i has the same situation and result than Juibra (except that I use Drive 5 instead of 4.2, but the rest is the same).  Did you (or someone) found any solution for this problem, please?

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              GuillaumeK Level 1

              Hi again.


              I found where the problem was (at least in my case).


              To go to the point: go in the "properties" of your flex project. In the menu, go in "Flex Build Path" and then in "Library Path". Then, the option "Framework linkage" is with the default value in a new flex project.


              So here is the trick : with Flex 3 (so Adobe Drive 3), the default value is "merged into code".  Bug in the Flex 4 (so Adobe Drive 5), the default value is "Runtime Shared Library".


              And because the module is ran independently (with no link with the flex code that load your module), the flash player crashes because it doesn't find your libraries (like ICustomCheckinUI).


              I discovered this problem running the Custom UI from the windows explorer (not with Bridge) and using the Flash Player Debug version, and watching the error log files of the Flash Player.


              So in the end, when I checked "merged into code" in the Framework Linkage option, all my dependencies of my flex module were merged into my final module swf, and no more flash crash.


              Sorry for my bad english and hope it helped.




              (edit : screenshot at http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=276932flexbuildpath.png )