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    Working with XML

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/using/WS372C59DB-BD13-4806-A399-794E754FF37Aa.html

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          I wish you would give some more examples. This is a very basic overview

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            Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

            You'll never get examples in a Help file. You need a book, or a video, or a class. Here's one of the best books around on the subject:



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              makdadddy Community Member

              Hi Steve


              Thanks for the quick responce. I was hoping to get some real world help on this. I notice that there are alot of posts on this simular topic all point towards an external purchase on Amazon.

              Surely this cant be that hard? Or is it?


              I have worked out that if I manully create the table I want and the headings I can export this to xlm and try to match up how the SQL command should output.


              I dont understand why I cannot use the current <Root> <Story> <Table> hirearchy (from my current Import XML) and get Adobe Indesign to do what I expect it to and return new data rows below each other. Sorry hard to type but I have 6500 items that I want on a new row. Fairly simple I would have thought.



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                Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

                Honestly, only a tiny fraction of the InDesign user base (and this forum base) use XML.

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                  If you can provide more detail about your xml file and your template someone might be more able to help. Other than Root/Story/Table, are you using namespaces in your tags? Are you using any particular attributes?


                  In your Indesign file, are you starting with a placeholder table or bringing in all data for the table with the XML? I can probably point you to examples of some tables, but need to know more about what you are looking to build, or have built.