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    Non-printing advisory text/layer for templates

    zimbop Level 1

      I'm trying to set up a template in illustrator that can be used by co-workers. Rather than having a separate document containing tips on how best to use the template (which of course, no-one will read) I thought it might be better to include info in the template itself. It would be a chore if this advisory info had to be deleted each time however. Does anyone know of a good method for being able to leave text or layers that I might be able to lock and thus couldn't be ignored by people using the doc, but importantly, would not be shown in the final result when placed in InDesign? The ideal result would not include having to specify lots of import options in InDesign for each file as there could be hundreds of these things to place!


      I can't imagine that I have a unique situation here in wanting to do something like this.


      I'm using CS5.