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    Clunky video importer operation

    Apocalypse Now

      I am struggling with clunky operation of the video importer in relation to Premiere Elements 11. I have an AVCHD camcorder that has shot 1080p footage. I insert the SD card into the computer and the video importer shows clips but when I attempt to scroll down to view and select clips for import, the scroll down (or up for that matter) operation is extremely slow and often freezes.

      The SD card is 16 GB containing 52 files (7.4 GB) and I go through the route:
      Add Media
      "Videos from Flip or Cameras"
      Get Media from FLIP, AVCHD cameras or other Memory/Disk Devices

      I tried a different SD card, 8 GB containing 22 files (4.6 GB) and while operation of the video importer dialog was somewhat better it was far from seamless and overall still frustrating.

      I also tried connecting the camera via cable to the USB port and there was no difference in the function of the video importer compared to inserting either SD card into the computer. If anything it was not as good.

      If I import 1080p footage to the computer using Windows Live Photo Gallery and then import that into Premiere Elements 11 with Premiere Elements 11's,
      Add Media
      Files & Folders
      I do not run into any problems in the initial import nor transfer into the PE11 project.

      I do not experience any other slow, clunky or compromised function with PE11 be it editing, transitions, rendering, playing etc. My notebook is 64 bit with 6gb RAM

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, it can take a while for a large video file to copy to your computer. Is the file still clunky to edit once it has been imported?


          That said, how fast is your processor? (Notebooks are built for portabilty, not speed. and 1080p footage can take a LOT of processing power!)


          Have you manually gone to Windows Update and ensured you have the "hidden" updates, which are not downloaded automatically? When did you last clear the cache on your web browser, run Disk Cleanup and run a defragmenter? (Even new computers are a mess of tmp and fragmented files.)

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            Apocalypse Now Level 1

            Thanks Steve.  The notebook has an Intel i7 processor 2.6ghz and is 'cleaned', defragmented etc.


            The editing process itself is very good, it is just the Premiere Elements 11 video importer which runs poorly. It is not the copy of the file once selected that it is the issue, it is scrolling through the video importer to actually select the files in the first place which presents poor function.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What happens if you Copy the full folder structure (with the media files, but exactly as they appear, including the full folder structure) from the card, to an internal HDD (Hard Disk Drive), and then use Get Media from that Copied folder structure?


              Good luck,