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    How to make an Indesign cross reference that includes text AFTER a delimiter?

    alanomaly Level 1

      It's possible to include text up to a delimiter like this...


      <fullPara delim=”:” includeDelim=”false”/>


      ...so if you have a header, "Section 17: Gnomes" you can include a cross reference like, "For more on gnomes, see Section 17".


      How would you create a cross reference where the text used is from after the delimiter? For example, "Other notable garden ornaments: Gnomes, Fountains..." - so that the text links and updates automatically if, for example, the heading was changed to "Garden gnomes"?




      My particular case is, I have headings with a paragraph style that adds a number and a tab to the start. I want a type of cross reference that gives the name, without the number and tab (not the number without the name). The tabs are essential in the headings, but don't work anywhere else (especially not paragraph text). If there's no way to take the text from after the delimiter, a crafty way to suppress the tabs or automatically replace them with something like ":" when in a cross-reference (leaving them as they were with tabs in the headings) in the would just about do the job as well.