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    After Effects Comp fps settings

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      I have shot some 240 fps footage and When I import it ot After Effects, I have notices that the fastest the Comp can use is 99 fps which makes the footage render our at 2.5 times slower than realtime.


      Is there a solution to this as I would like some o fthe footage ot be real time and then some at slow speed.


      Are there any plans for future releases to allow users to increase the fps settings of the Comp from the max of 99 fps?


      It would make editing much easier.

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          Some food for thought:




          Based on that, you will realize that "realtime" is a rather relative term. Even if AE was able to play each discrete frame exactly timed, your computer screen might still be set at 60 fps or something like that and you never would see certain frames. Therefore you can pretty much achieve what you want just using a 60 fps comp or similar. The only caveat is that in order to determine the sampling interval you will have to re-interpret your footage similarly so AE actually shows you each frame and then use time-remapping/ stretching with equal multiples to get it back to full "240 fps". Or in simpler words: Interpret your footage as 60fps, set your comp to 60fps and do a little math in your head for the time-remapping stuff. And since obviously this might get tiresome after a while, file a feature request:


          Feature Request/Bug Report Form