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    Alt key + mouse wheel for zoom (windows 7 alt key function)


      Hello Photoshop,

      I'm using CS6 on windows 7-64bit with a keyboard and a mouse.  I have a problem with the default functionality of the "Alt" key in windows 7.  For those of you that are familiar with the default functionality of the alt key in windows 7, please skip to the next paragraph.  For those of you not familiar, pressing the alt key in most programs in windows will highlight the toolbar so that you can use the keyboard to make selections within your "File", "Edit", "View", etc. toolbars if your mouse goes dead.


      My problem is that I use the Alt + Mouse Scroll for zoom all the time.  I rely on that feature probably more than I should.  Yes, I could use cntrl + or cntrl - for zoom but that means I have to take my right hand off my mouse and I use photoshop 8+ hours a day some days.  Time is of the essence to complete projects by the deadline.


      So, has anyone found any solutions to this?  I've tried disabling the default alt function in windows 7 (didn't work because you can't without third pary openware).  I've tried duplicating the shortcut in the Edit - Keyboard Shortcuts menu (didn't work because it doesn't recognize the mouse scroll).  Am I missing something?  Any help would be much appreciated because I am getting tired of having to reselct my fonts when the alt key switches my focus from the workspace to the toolbar.





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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Dave, maybe it would be a good idea to be VERY specific about what doesn't work right...


          I just typed some text, then while the insertion cursor was still blinking I did an Alt-mousewheel zoom.  Then when I then type a character it causes the system to emit a "ding" sound, then after that subsequent typed characters just insert as normal.


          Is this what you're seeing?





          Edit:  Corrected description of what I see to be more accurate.

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            Abbazaba035 Level 1

            Hi Noel,

            Thanks for writing back.  Let me walk you through a specific example to see if that helps.  In this exampled, I am still using Windows 7 - 64bit and am running CS6:


            Say I'm working on an image and have the background layer selected (after it has been unlocked).  I currently have the Move Tool (V) selected.  Now, when you press the Alt key by itself, watch "File" in the toolbar.  It will become highlighted and take focus off of the workspace.  The rest of the toolbar selections will also have a little underline under them.  Now, press the Alt key again.  It will take that highlight away and put you back into the workspace.


            Now, let's try another scenario:

            This time, I have a text box selected and have just typed the word "Example" in it.  If you press the ALT key by itself just one time, you will think that nothing has happened.  But this has sent the cursor up the PS in the top left corner of the screen and has highlighted it.  Now, if you press the ALT key again, you will see that the experience we mimiqued above has returned - all of the File - Help sections have underlines again.  Pressing the ALT key again for the third time will send it back down into the workspace.


            I hope that is clear and specific.  What I'd like to do is illiminate this action altogether.  I press Alt + Mouse Wheel Scroll a lot and the ALT function of Windows 7 is always messing me up.  I'm looking for any feedback or would at least love the ability to map this zoom in and out to cntrl + Mouse Wheel Scroll so that I don't have to keep pressing the Alt key up to four times.


            Thank you!



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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              I'm not sure whether you're seeing something different than I am...  I'm also on Windows 7 x64 with Photoshop 13.1.2.


              Alt - scroll wheel always zooms for me. 


              I'm quite aware of the menus becoming activated.  I don't access them via keystrokes, so I wouldn't have any problem with that functionality being made an option (removing it entirely would likely get a rise out of folks who DO use them).


              I guess I just don't use the Alt key by itself much, because I'm not seeing the Alt key menu introduction get in the way of anything.



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                Abbazaba035 Level 1

                Alt-Zoom works fine for zoom.  It's my prefered method for zooming in on something. But it moves the cursor up to the menus and then I have to press the Alt button again.  Do you not have to do this?  If not, you may have the answer I'm looking for. Can you please tell me if there is a way that I can turn it off?


                Edit: I don't have any idea how to make this more clear.  When I Alt-Zoom, it moves the cursor up the Menus.  I DO NOT WANT THIS!  I just want it to Zoom.  I hope there is a solution and I really don't understand how I could be the ONLY person in the world that this is happening to.


                Another Edit: Seems I'm not the only one with this issue.  Here is another forum from 2010 with the exact same problem: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/670988?start=40&tstart=0







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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  Dave do to have any third party plug-ins installed into CS6. When I use the mouse scroll wheel if the alt key has been tapped or not the image zooms and the mouse pointer remains where is it,  If I hold the Alt key down the move mouse icon changes to a double arrow and if the images zoom is larger the window the scroll wheel scrolls the image instead of zooming the image. Also how are you Preferences in  mine I checked the three zoom options in the general tab.

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                    Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                    If you check Zoom with Scroll Wheel in Edit>Preferences>General, then you can just use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom without pressing any other keys.


                    Or you could instead of the above preference press both the Ctrl+Alt which keeps the menu bar from highlighting

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      My cursor does not move when I hit the Alt key.


                      There may be a Windows preference that gauges that.  Seems to me I remember something in the Mouse configuration panel...


                      Do you have this set?





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                        Abbazaba035 Level 1


                        Thank you!  All I have to do is press Cntrl before I press Alt?  Done.  Best answer and thank you so much for the simple fix.  Re-learning one extra key is no problem.



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                          boxofspiders Level 1

                          This has been driving me nuts for weeks, I alt+zoom and then my next hotkey opens a menu instead of switching to a new tool. It's odd as I have always worked the same way and never had this problem before ... ctrl+alt+mousewheel it is from now on but I would love to know what changed to create this problem in the first place. Thanks!

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                            Sorry, I know I'm late to the party, but I just needed to say thank you. I've been searching for a reasonable solution to this ridiculous problem for... well, years. This is the first time someone has suggested a solution nondisruptive to my workflow. Ctrl + Alt + scroll to zoom, while still a clunky and non-user-experience friendly combination, is a habit that I can form with ease.


                            I'm still mad at (Adobe? Windows? Keyboard manufacturers [seriously, why does the numlock key still exist?]) for refusing to communicate and letting Adobe/Windows users suffer this outrageous shortcut-oversight for as long as they have. But you @Jeff Arola, I owe a debt of gratitude. Know that as silly a problem this is to begin with, you have provided me with information that will genuinely change my work life from this day forward. Thank you.