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    CODECS: I need some clarification please


      I am using premiere pro CS5.5. I recently just switched to a new computer; both are roughly equivalent. Both use CS5.5 however the installed codec packs were different on each. The first had a basic version of k-lite and my current had Sharky codecs. I didn't think these would matter when rendering out video through Premiere. But I think differently in light of a recent development.


      In the two weeks that I have had the new computer (with Sharky codecs)a couple videos I have made have had audio issues, video freezing issues when played on other computers - computers that dont have Sharky codecs, and that never happened with content created on the previous computer (k-lite). One track of audio just randomly cut out in one video while the others still worked and the second video would freeze a few minutes in and then the audio after.


      So I unistalled Sharky, rendered out the video again and it played fine on a computer that it was not working on before.


      I always render out video with same settings in Premiere. Format: H.264 and the default settings of the preset HDTV 720p 29.97 High Quality.


      Like I said this always worked perfectly fine before using a new computer with the Sharky codec package. These are basic 10 minute videos I make on a weekly basis that are show a couple times through a projection system and then end up on youtube. They are not distributed to more than a couple computers.


      So I have a couple questions:

      Does it matter what codec package I have installed?

      Do codec packages interfere with or work with Premiere's codecs?

      How do I ensure that my video will play correctly across computers with different codec packages?


      Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.