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    Text boxes not appearing - CAPTIVATE1.1

      I have a number of delegates using Cap1.1 - on some machines when recording screens, the automatic text boxes are not appearing when the recording has finished. (the "text box" option is checked on all PCs in the custom options settings)

      I`m sure i`ve heard this could be something to do with Flash players - I checked one of the machines that is facing the issue and its using Flash 9.

      any help would be great

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Sorry, I only keep the current version and one version back due to storage limitations. I would note that there are few things more difficult than to suggest a correction for an "intermittent" problem, but I'd have to say an intermittent problem on a version that was replaced years ago would definitely qualify as the most difficult of all.

          That said, maybe we can offer some help if we knew what the problem was. You don't really say, except that some text-captions on some machines are not appearing. That is not really helpful in troubleshooting.

          What is being recorded - exactly?
          Where is it being recorded from - Internet, local drive, etc.?
          What are the delegates (what's a delegate?) doing at the time they expect, but are not getting, automatically-generated text-captions?

          I am relatively certain that the problem (if I understand that part), has nothing at all to do with the Flash Player version installed, but beyond that, I'm sorry that all I can offer is questions instead of answers.

          Welcome to the User-to-User forums, hardyandy. Hopefully you can give us enough additional information that we can take a stab at helping out.