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    Exported movie out of sync

    hoverbover Level 1



      I have done a movie, about 3 min long, that looks allright on the timeline, but when playing back the exported movie file, the picture is delayed by some frames, maybe half a second. I'm hoping that someone recognizes the problem and can find a solution.


      The video material is HD, avc1, progressive, 25 fps. But some of the files are mpg, some are MOV and some are MP4 (marked yellow on the timeline).


      The sound on the mpg files is mpeg layer 2 , 384kbps.  The MOV files have PCM sound. The MP4 files have AAC mono sound.


      By the way, the movie ends with the picture fading to white, but the exported movie ends a few frames too early , before the fade is completed. Could this be related to the problem?


      The project setting I have been using is HDV, 1080p, 25fps. When exporting I chose H.264, full HD.