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    Find and Replace

    V Jordan
      Is there a way to globally find and replace text throughout a file? I have more than 500 topics where a small amount of text needs to be replaced.
      I've found the search and replace per topic, but was hoping not to have to go through each and every topic to find and replace.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          There's also the multi file find and replace tool but beware. It operates at HTML level and only on a single line so if your text covers more than one line in any topic, it won't work reliably.

          FAR from www.helpware.net can be set up to work across multiple lines.

          This sort of operation can wreck a project in seconds so do back up first. If you do that, then you should be safe.

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            resume-writer Level 1
            I too would like such a feature. However, I'm willing to manually apply the variable if I can just figure out how to FIND the text. I read the online help: Home > Topics > Search (under Index term "searching for text"), but this topic tells me how to search on Topic Title.

            How do I search for text within a topic title AND topic itself? I don't find the search feature very intuitive. Sorry for the stupid question.
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              resume-writer Level 1
              To answer my own question: View > Pod > Toolbox. There is a help topic for this subject, but must know the tool name (look in Index under "Multi-File").