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    Unwanted McAfee


      How can I get Adobe Flash Player to stop trying to trick me into purchasing McAfee Security Scan Plus? This is terrible.

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          That is a good question. Adobe has been pushing this unwanted software along with Flash in a manner that should be changed. Every other company that I deal with ALWAYS gives the customer to opt out of unwanted or optional programs being installed with the desired program. I use so many Adobe products, and usually find it easy to find resources to help with my questions, except with this. There is very limited information out there explaining why Adobe forces this McAfee Security Scan Plus down the throats of their customers, even loyal customers as myself that use their paid and expensive versions of their software. Usually, people already have their systems monitored by antivirus software that scans downloads, page content, etc. and the select few that don't use this type of security do so by choice. That means they don't use it because they choose not to. For Adobe to force customers to have to go through the trouble to uninstall a useless program after installing one of their products is clearly bad business, and due to lack of competition, they get away with it.

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            Mike M Level 6

            Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

            Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)


            Those links are FULL installers and contain NO BUNDLED SOFTWARE.


            They're posted HUNDREDS OF TIMES in these forums every week.

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              WilliamSipe2013 Level 1

              So, when I got the message saying that there was a new update I should have have came here to search for one of those links just to avoid hidden software? To me, that just seems like too much trouble. I should be able to click on the download update link on the update message window, opt out of the additional unwanted McAfee Security Scan Plus, and continue with my work. Why should ANYONE have to close that window, go to Adobe forums, as you suggested, to find one of those links that are posted "HUNDREDS OF TIMES every week," just to get out of installing something that shouldn't be forced anyway?

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                Mike M Level 6

                I provided you with the links as an alternative.  I can't do more than that. I don't run the company. I don't even work here. I'm just a user like you. If that's not good enough, I'm sorry, but that's too bad.

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                  WilliamSipe2013 Level 1

                  This is why I don't like to use forums to discuss problems or ask questions that a company representative should be answering. They don't want to answer questions that make the company look bad, so they have their users act on their behalf. Have a nice day.

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                    Mike M Level 6

                    I act on no one's behalf.
                    Many people here will attest, I'm NOBODY'S puppet.


                    Facts are:
                    This has been a common standard practice for more than a decade and it isn't going to change anytime soon because the money it makes or saves for companies that do it is far more important than the grievances of a few thousand users out of billions worldwide.


                    Adobe ISN'T the only company that does this and the alternative is that software companies start charging for formerly free software and subsequent updates, which will result in an outcry multitudes louder than that over bundling.