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    Viewing Text Fields in Print Version


      I have added several text fields as "Comments", but when comments are added to those fields, they do not show up on the printed copy.  I would have to open it electronically to scroll through the comments, and they are very condensed and hard to read.  Is there a solution for this?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Hi, When you say "printed copy", are you going to the "View Responses" tab and selecting "Print" from the File menu with a response selected?


          Is this for a free or paid account?  I ask because saving the I think the best thing for viewing responses with long comments would be saving the response as a PDF, which is a paid feature.  I would use a "Multi-line Text Field" and re-size the text input box big enough to read a large block of text, save the responses as PDFs and in those PDFs the multi-line text fields input box with the users comment is scrollable so you can read the entire comment.  If you wanted to actually "print" the form/response from PDF and show entire comment the box would need to be large enough to show the entire comment, but if viewing in a PDF that looks like the original form works, you can read the entire comment there in any size multi-line text field by scrolling the comment.


          Let me know if that helps or if you have more questions.