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    setClientCookies to false does not appear to work?

    retrocane Level 1

      Currently CFID and CFTOKEN appear in the URL of certain pages, such as 404.cfm. I do not wish for those parameters and values to appear in my URLs. I thought by setting setClientCookies to false that would resolve the issue, but I guess I'm mistaken that setClientCookies does that?


      I restarted the ColdFusion server after making the code change to application.cfc


      I'm using CF9 on my local machine.


      <cfset THIS.name = "myLocalTest" />
      <cfset THIS.ApplicationTimeout = CreateTimeSpan(2,0,0,0) />
      <cfset THIS.SessionManagement = true />
      <cfset THIS.SessionTimeout = CreateTimeSpan(0,0,30,0) />
      <cfset THIS.setClientCookies = false />


      Am I missing something?


      Thank you!