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    component calling methods on another component

      I have 2 components: Repository, and Document. A repository has an array of documents in variables scope. In each component I use the init() method to return an instance of the object. When a repository object is inited it generates a query of the documents that it contains, and loops through that, calling document.init() on each one and adding the resulting document object to the array.

      When I init() a repository and use CFDUMP to view its documents array, I get an array of the correct length containing document objects. However, when I try to loop through the array and call a method like getTitle() on each document, I get empty strings. When I init() a document on its own, getTitle() works fine. Is there something basic that I'm forgetting here?

      Let me know if you need to see the more code.

      Don Zacharias
      Sacramento, CA