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    using salesforce connector in multiple mxml components

      I am using Flex 2.0.1 and Salesforce as Database. My question is i am creating login method in each component and application. I want to use/pass salesforce connection from main application to all sub component, how can i achieve this to avoid login for each application/ component.

      example: In my project i created main.mxml application and 3 mxml components in each component i am logining into the salesforce database to retrieve data from the database. i want to avoid creating multiple logins for the components instead of writing login for each mxml component i want login for the first time in main.mxml application and want to use the same connection in mxml components. Can anyone tell me how can i achieve this

      If you feel this is not sufficient information to solve this problem then let me know i will post another message with sample code.

      Thanks in advance.