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    Can't object styles include literal sizes?

    Peter B. Bailey Level 1


      I've got a large poster-like job that prints on 18 x 12 inch poster stock. I noticed on my last printout that the far left and far right margins were cutting off my rounded corner boxes. The far left side of the poster and the far right side of the poster had square-edged corners for the boxes in those respective corners. So, I'm bringing in the side margins for this job. And, in order to make the job still look good, I'm going to have to tweak the sizes of my boxes. Right now they're all 33 mm wide. I want to make them 32 mm wide. I notice, though, that, though all of my boxes are object styles, my object styles don't actually include a literal size for the boxes. Why is this? Even in object search & replace, there's no facility for just changing the size of these objects. Can someone help me to do this? Why can't object styles include an actual size of the object?