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    Create a DVD | Video resolution issue - HD or FullHD

    SAngeli Level 1


      I created a new project selecting PAL and AVCHD 1920x1080 16:9 25fps video. The original AVCHD video in FullHD is 9GB.

      I now have to create a DVD and end the project selecting to burn it on a 4,7 GB DVD but wish to preserve the FullHD if possible.


      When selecting the option to burn the DVD I get in the drop down menu 4 selections being 2 for NTSC and 2 for PAL: PAL and PAL Widescreen.

      Obviously as the project is 16:9 I should select Widescreen but I do not know if I will end up having the video in FullHD.


      Here are my few questions:

      1. how to be able to burn a FullHD video project into a 4,7 GB DVD if i do not see any FullHD selection in the drop down menue for DVD category? Is this because DVD category does not manage FullHD?

      Reading through some manual I believe that it is AVCHD the selection I should use, rather than DVD. Is this correct?

      Also, what resolution would Pal Widescreen record?

      Lastly, how to find out which resolution i now have the project being burned on this DVD?


      2. If I know that my project in FullHD is bigger than  4,7 GB DVD what should I do, when I create a new Premiere EL project, in order to get the best resolution? Should I select still AVCHD but HD resolution even if I will not know if it will be sufficient?

      Can someone please share with me what is the correct discernment to use for preparing a new project and/or handling the video settings for getting the properl DVD result?


      Thank you