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    Create a DVD movie without a DVD media

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      Sometimes I have the need to create a DVD movie but without having up front a DVD media. Or I need to createa DVD movie with extra folders containing extra data I have to manually inster. There are also times where i wish to have to content of the DVD on my PC so that I can use it to create copies of the DVD (I know I can create an ISO).


      I know that the output would be the followings:




      What I do not knwo is how to burn a DVD movie having these two main folders. I also wish to know if I can just add extra folders and all together still create a DVD movie just as if Premiere EL woud create it itself.

      I have Roxio Creator 2012 as buring software to use.


      Thank you for your reply.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Are you asking for a way to author a DVD-Video with two VIDEO_TS folders in it?


          If so, that is not possible. For a full breakdown, and explanation of the DVD specs., see this article and its links: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2525832#2525832


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            I better explain my questions:


            1. if I deliver a video where I end up with these two folders, is there a way to be able to burn a DVD just by using those two folders? If not, what is needed in order to do so?

            2. if i wish to include extra folders when creating a DVD what do I need? Perhaps Premiere EL is not sufficient and I need a specialized software for creating DVD like Sony DVD Architect Studio or similar ones?

            3. When Premiere finishes burning a DVD and instead of selecting more copies I only select 1 copy is it possible to let Premiere EL burn additional copies without having to start from scratch and coding again?


            Thank you

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              OK, now I think that I understand.


              A DVD-Video will need a VIDEO_TS folder w/ the necessary IFO, BUP and VOB files. The AUDIO_TS file is not necessary, but may be included.


              If you have a VIDEO_TS folder (with necessary files), then you can use any number of burning utilities, such as Roxio, Nero, or the great, free ImgBurn, to do the physical burn.


              For inclusion of what is called DVD ROM content, you are correct - PrE cannot do that. Adobe Encore (available only with PrPro), and some other full-featured authoring apps. can add that ROM content, in the authoring phase. One can also add a folder, along with the VIDEO_TS folder, and include files that can be accessed from a computer (and ONLY from a computer), with that ROM content. Many authoring apps., or burning utilities, can burn the VIDEO_TS folder, plus the ROM content to a DVD-Video disc.


              For the later burning of multiple copies, I recommend instead of Burn to Disc, one chooses Burn to Folder, creating the VIDEO_TS folder. Then, one would use ImgBurn (or Roxio, or Nero), to come back and burn as many copies, as necessary. When doing multiple discs, I use that route - Burn to Folder, then use ImgBurn the physical discs. While not as effective as a DVD duplicating tower, as I have two burners on my workstation, I will launch two instances of ImgBurn, and direct one instance to one burner, and the other to the other burner, until I get the number of discs, required for delivery.


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