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    Best approach to creating a TOC for product catalog using data merge

    sut2006 Level 1

      What is the best approach for creating a TOC for a product catalog (over 1,000 items) using Data Merge?

      The TOC would contain the product Categories. 


      So for example, Category A items could go from pages 1 - 3, and Category B items would start at pg 4, but if new items were added to Category A, then Category B may start from pg 6. 


      From the Data Source, there are 5 Data Fields I've chosen to be displayed.  If this were a regular digital print document, I could use the Paragraph Style method for creating a TOC, but if I make any one of the Data Fields a certain Paragraph Style and use that for the TOC, it'll populate the TOC with that Data Field for all the items. 


      Any suggestions?