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    Shakey/jumpy 'tween' in Content Viewer


      Hi, when placing a .oam file into indesign then previewing in the content viewer the 'tween' is not so smooth.


      Is this a content viewer issue? The animation is simply a 1 second file with content coming in off the stage in a linear movement.


      I want to be sure when published to the app store the final result will have a smooth movement.



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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hey Andy,


          Are you using the content viewer for the desktop or ipad? I'd recommend using the iPad, you'll get a native experience there while the desktop viewer is an emulation running on an outdated version of Webkit.




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            andygkent Level 1

            Hi Sarah


            Thanks for the response. Yes, I'm using Content Viewer on my iPad as the desktop version crashes quite a lot.


            I'm assuming svg's are the best files to import, this animation has a couple of layers and it seems to jump at the start of the top layer, as if there's a slight (fraction of a second) processing lag. I'll try redrawing it and see if that makes a difference.


            Cheers, Andy