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    Illustrator extention export PDF file as PSD worked on Windows XP but not on Windows 7

    LingWang3 Level 1

      We have a extension that convert files to CMYK PSD with color profile attached. It worked fine (for most of files) on Windows XP but not on Windows 7.



        var expOpt: ExportOptionsPhotoshop = new ExportOptionsPhotoshop();

        expOpt.resolution = 300;

        expOpt.imageColorSpace = ImageColorSpace.CMYK;

        expOpt.embedICCProfile = true;

        doc.exportFile( psdFile, ExportType.PHOTOSHOP, expOpt );


      above code never throw any exception on Windows7, but just no file been saved. It only happened to convert PDF to PSD.


      If I manually open file in Illustrator (win7) and export it as PSD, I got ‘not enough memory’ error.  I googled a solution make the manual exporting worked but still the extension didn’t work.

      The solution for manual operation is set ‘additional plug-in folder’ for preferences-> plug-ins& Scratch disks’.


      Any advice?