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    Inserting a field at a bookmark location.

    MaxCO2012 Level 1

      I'd like to be able to programmatically insert a signature field into a pdf that has been created via an MS Excel macro that accesses MS Word. Everything works great so so far, including being able to insert the signature field.


      However, the location (vertical) of the signature field may change from pdf to pdf so I thought I might be able to insert that field at the location of a bookmark that has been created in MS Work and successfully transferred to the pdf. But, it seems bookmarks don't have location attributes so I can "locate" the bookmark.


      And the addField method seems to only want the four points of a rectangle in order to insert the field.


      Having written all that, can anyone suggest how I might achieve my goal of inserting a field at a location that may change?


      Thank you.