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    Notice msg: 'book folder' was created


      After removing the "_" in between words in the Topic Title field of the Topic Properties dialog box, a "Notice" pop-up window appears stating the following:

      Note that the 'book folder" C:\ (location of topic)\topic_name.book\, was created to hold the document and its resources.

      I click the OK box to close the Notice window.

      I've never seen this message before when removing the underlines in the Topic title. Is this typical RH behavior or have I done something wrong to prompt this notice message to appear?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi FMnRH

          Uhhh, what version of RoboHelp are you using? Is it 6 or the new 7? I ask because there is a very elusive issue that the development team at RoboHelp has never been able to replicate surrounding this quirk. Normally, it's been my experience that it has only happened with imported content. You import content from Word and make a change via the properties dialog. You probably found that after seeing the message, the topic made an odd whooshing sound as RoboHelp lost track of it and placed the red X on it indicating it has gone missing.

          The easy fix is to right click the topic reference and choose the Properties again. Then choose the File tab. After you do this, choose the "Open Folder" icon. This gets you near where you need to be. Inside this folder you should find another folder. If your topic was initially named whatzit.htm, you should see a folder named whatzit.book. The topic will have been moved inside the folder. So to fix things, from inside Windows Explorer, drag the topic from the .book folder back to the folder containing the .book folder. Once you do this, RoboHelp will once again be aware of the topic and things should work better.

          Cheers... Rick
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            FMnRH Level 1

            I'm using RH6. I was given a .chm file (help version 1) to update to another .chm file. I didn't have the original source files, so I imported the .htm files into a new RH6 project.

            I did what you suggested (moving the .htm file back to the original folder) and another RoboHelp HTML pop-up window appeared:

            The reference to the file, "C:(location of project folder)\originalfolder.css", from the file "C:(location of original folder)\whatzit.htm" contains illegal...

            Couldn't see the rest of the message because the location of the files were so long (buried under many sub-folders) and I couldn't re-size the pop-up window to see the whole message.

            Any suggestions? Should I be concerned about the illegal (unknown) things?


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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi again

              Normally what happens is that the topic loses its reference to the style sheet. You should be fine. Just re-attach the style sheet by clicking the little toolbar button. (Looks like a little notepad icon)

              Cheers... Rick
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                johndaigle Level 4
                Hey folks, just noticed this thread and would like to tack on something to Rick's excellent advice.

                There's another bug that got buried in all this. (great emoticon for Halloween!)

                FMnRH's first message mentioned that this whole mess started during the act of renaming topic titles that had underscores.
                I call that the "Topic Title Underscore bug" and there is a fix for it.

                Note: I don't think it has anything to do with the ".book bug" but it is worth fixing the Topic Title bug anyway so it might be less likely to happen again.

                Technical Support and engineering have issued the Topic Title Underscore fix and you'll find it in the knowledge base (kb402006).

                "Title changes to match file name when importing topics into RoboHelp 6"

                Since FMnRH is compiling HTML Help, I thought I'd add a couple more Knowledge Base articles covering RoboHelp 6 issues:
                "Generic Windows crash error message when you export Microsoft HTML Help from Adobe RoboHelp 6" (kb401651)

                "Error, "Internal error encountered, Failed to generate WebHelp." when you generate a merged project - Robohelp 6" (kb401652)

                Good news: So far, I have not encountered any of these issues in the new Adobe RoboHelp 7!
                Have a happy halloween