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    Can very uneven audio levels be fixed?

    Nikon D90 Gent II Level 1

                                                        How do I fix very uneven audio with Premiere Pro - Can it be done?


      Source/Root Cause: Person I'm filming is speaking into a handheld mike while walking around so they of course can't hold it perfectly steady, level and still in order to produce speech that is consistently even and uniform. Also, in addition, their voice fluctuates to a significant degree & alternates between soft and loud.


      Results in: Audio with a substantial dynamic range.


      Correction Requires: (because I don't know any better) a number of hours manually dicing up the audio track and boosting the segments that are soft to the extent necessary or trying to salvage the clipped parts.


      That intensive process and concentrated effort is: wearing, time consuming, tedious and tests my patience.


      I figure there must be a better solution! Experimented with the audio tools but has been shut out thus far & haven't solved the problem.


      What should I be doing so I can automatically lower the highs and boost the lows?


      All advice & suggestions welcome.


      Thank you.