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    Setting Up

    S L W Level 1

      I recently upgraded to Photoshop CS6. I can open images from Photoshop. When I am in Bridge and try to open to Photoshop, if I last worked on the image some time ago (CS4?) I get an error message "Windows cannot find CS4". IS this a Preferences issue - what do I need to change. Thanks.

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          I'd look in the Bridge preferences under File Type Assiciations and see if that file type is perhaps set for photoshop cs4 or explorer settings which could also be set for cs4.

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            S L W Level 1

            Thank you. I went to the Bridge File Type Associations (these were actually old JPEG files) and it says "Photoshop" (no verson shown), with a further option to Browse. When I click on "Photoshop" it takes me to "C:Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Bridge AND Adobe Photoshop 6.  It also still had Photoshop CS4 and CS5, which I put in the trash, just to remove any confusion. But it still isn't working. Sorry, explorer settings? Can I have further help? Thx.

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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              When you hit the browse button navigate to


              C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)


              or on a 32 bit system:


              C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6



              and click on the Photoshop.exe in that folder and then click Open

              and that should set jpegs so they open photoshop cs6 from bridge









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                Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                If you trashed cs5/cs4 after installing cs6 then that's probably why your file assiciations are all messed up and doing a uninstall/reinstall of photoshop cs6 would set the rest unless you want manully set all

                your file assiciations to cs6.


                Also, you really should use the program unistallers instead of just puttng the program folders in the trash.

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                  S L W Level 1

                  Thank you for your help as I am in a titch over my head.




                  I did actually 'uninstall' both CS 4 & 5, after I installed CS6 a few weeks ago. Those files were left over, however, following the uninstall, and I only found them when I went to Bridge file associations area.




                  I am taking your advice and am going to re-install CS6, and thanks again for your help.




                  S. Williams

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                    S L W Level 1

                    I am not sure if this email is one-way only, but I have reinstalled CS6 and it failed to resolve the problem. It is still looking for CS4 when I try to open a .jpeg file from Bridge. Can you assist further?


                    Thank you.

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                      Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                      Which version of windows and is it a 64 or 32 bit system?

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                        S L W Level 1

                        R Kelly - Thank you for your continued assistance. Your advice to reinstall worked - I just needed to keep doing it! Oddly, on the next installation of CS6, Bridge directed .jpeg (only) images to a Windows Photo viewer (?), although preferences directed those images to Photoshop CS6.  Taking some encouragement from the pure randomness, I reinstalled version 6 again - and it now opens the files correctly. FYI - the system is a 64 bit, and CS5 ran very nicely.


                        Again, thank you for your interest and help.


                        Sharon Williams


                        PS I reinstalled CS 5 (insurance).

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                          Curt Y Level 7

                          In the above case an unistall and reinstall usually changes nothing.  You would have needed to run the Adobe Script Cleaner after the uninstall.  THis gets the pieces left with an uninstall.  But if it works now just leave it.