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    Performance problems in Chrome.




      I have problems with my animation in Chrome. On faster maschines it doesn't play smoothly, on slower ones it stucks on some point. In firefox everything is fine.


      Animation has a lot of graphics. I saw that Firefox is lowering the quality of animated elements when they are moving. Chrome doesn't do that, but the performance is killing the whole idea of rich animation.


      Is there any possibility (maybe some hacks?) to lower the quality of animation in Chrome? Or to boost performance? I'm pretty sure that this issue is not related to GPU acceleration (it's on when animation stucks).


      Here is the animation:



      Thanks in advance.


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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Artur-


          I took a look at your animation in the browser, and I'd like to take a look at your project to see if there are some optimizations I can suggest.  Where does it get stuck on the slower machines?  I have a fairly solid machine (2.6 GHz dual core, 8GB RAM) and it seems to work okay, though there are some places where the animation seems a tiny bit chunky.  It would help if you could either tell me what text is at the top when you think it's poorly performant.





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            ArturC Level 1

            Hi! Thanks for reply!

            On 2ghz dual core, 2GB RAM, Windows 7 and Chrome it stucks after 3th cloud appears. In most cases the clouds are "too much". There are two timelines playing simulatenously (main timeline, and timeline nested in symbol). Main timeline is moving the symbol on canvas (scrolling up), symbol timeline is popping out the clouds. Animation is controlled by triggers on main timeline.


            I have tried to set "off" state on some symbols that are not shown on screen, but there was no impact on performance.




            Here is video showing what happend when you plays the animation:


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              ArturC Level 1

              BANG! Its working after publishing on new version of Edge. 56 graphic files, three nested symbols simulatenously playing timelines and many text elements. Also many different easing functions. Its all working now in Chrome. It was working fine in Firefox before, and now also working


              Im very happy, because I thought the project is lost because of Chrome incompatibility. I was a little bit scared when updating that I would have to enter serial number or something, but no... It is still free, outstanding tool!


              FOR EVERYONE HAVING PERFORMANCE ISSUES - Check your animations with new (1.5) version.

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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                Glad you got it working!