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    Random glitches when rendering quicktime animation movs




      I am currently using After Effects CS5.5 on a PC (a HPZ800).  For many months now I have noticed random glitches in my output files.  These take the form of a distorted/pixelated line from one side of the screen to the other.  The line is maybe 10-15 pixels high or more and is always near the bottom of the screen and can last between 1 and 4 frames.  (The size of the rendered frames are either PAL or HD.)  The problems always occur when rendering Quicktime movs with animation compression (quality 100%).  It has not manifested itself when rendering image sequences and so I often have to render that way and then try and convert to animation compressed movs which are required for our final output.  A two stage process like this is wasteful of time and disk space so I need this sorting out please!


      Mysteriously on one occasion (so far) the visual glitches were accompanied by an audio glitch also.


      (By the way both Quicktime and After effects are up to date but the problem seems to continue.)


      Hope someone can help please.


      Many thanks,