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    Timeline Scripting in ActionScript 3.0

    adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
      After using ActionScript 2.0 for about a year, the time has come for me to learn 3.0. I am going to be doing some 3D work with either Sandy or Papervision and 3.0 seems to be the way to go. All of my previous applications have been made using timeline scripting, and I have never written a class myself. I’m on page 770 of Moock’s Essential ActionScript 3.0 and have noticed that most examples focus on creating classes.

      Is there anything about AS 3.0 that favors this method (creating external classes in external AS files) over timeline scripting? Is timeline scripting considered to be a more novice approach to scripting, or is it a matter of using the right tool for the job?