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    Trouble exporting interactive pdf´s



      I having som trouble exporting pdf from indesign cs6 using the interactive export option. In short my goal is to export a magazie file, about 80 pages to a pdf using srgb color space and medium res images to use on a website. I have previously used the interactive option in the export dialog box, since this option converts the file to a web freindly file. Now this crashes indesign. On page 64 everthing stops and I have to force quit ID. This have worked before, but now I have experienced the same problem on two different files. Does anyone have any clue to why this happens or any suggestions to a work around?


      Thanks, Rune

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This usually indicates theres a problem with something on a page. You can often isolate it using a divide and conquer strategy. Try exporting the front half of the file and the back half  as separate PDFs. If either half fails, divide that in half and repeat until you are down to one page. Do the same with the objects onthe page (though it usually turns out to be an image).


          If both halves export OK initially, then it's a problem of machine resources. Combine the two halves using Acrobat Pro.

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            RuneEilertsen Level 1

            Hi. Thanks for your reply. I dont think its a faulty page in the document. The normal print export is working fine, andthe same problem occurs on several different files. It may be a hardware issue, since the problem exists only on large files. I solved it by exporting as pdf print, setting the resolution and colorspace destnation to match the intreactive preset.