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    Problem with onRelease listener

    Rennan Reis Level 1

      Hello guys, how are you?



      Once again, I come here to ask for your help on ActionScript 2.0.



      I'm building a simple card game. There is a process in the game, where you can buy a card from the mount, and this card starts to move til it reach to your hand. At this point, I've tried to say to Flash: card.enabled = false, but it had not stopped the onRelease listener function to work. I've tried to do this:



      clip.endAnimation = function () {

      this.enabled = true;




      if (ANIMATION_TIME! = 0) {

      clip.enabled = false;

      _global.setTimeout (clip "endAnimation" ANIMATION_TIME);






      Why, ain´t it working properly?  I just want to stop onReleaseListener to stop work a little bit. Please, help me guys.


      Sorry for my bad English