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    How to solve this problem?


      I started with a brand new pc.


      HP Z820 Workstation

      Processor Intel(R) Xeon (R) CPU E5-2643 O @ 3.30 Ghz (2 processors)

      RAM 32,0 GB

      C: hp 160 gb solid stat drive intel 320 

      for data 1x 1 tb 1x2 tb harddisk

      windows 7 pro

      NVidia k4000

      Installed all updates


      I know that NVidia k4000 is not listed in the approved graphic boards, but I put the name in the cuda_supported_cards and it's working well.


      Installed Adobe Production Premium CS 6 with all the updates


      With Premiere CS 6.03 captured hdv from canon xh g1 through firewire


      (camera settings: play back hdv, comp. out 1080i/576i, sdi output off, sdi spec auto, av-> dv greyed out---, HD Down conv OFF)


      In premiere I can control the camera, I can capture sound, but I cannot capture video


      I installed windows moviemaker and there was no problem previewing and capturing video.


      How can I get it to work?