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    The flash players should have a better update mechanism

    Udd William

      I can't believe the auto-update mechanism has such a bad experience and didn't change for many versions. The update process is complex and always interrupt users.


      1.The update process take tons of time and clicks. If I accpet the update then it will open the IE and I have to do several clicks and wait for the download, and often takes me 5 minutes to do this! WHY should I spend time to do this? All I want is to click an option "auto update everything for me" and then when an update comes you just show me a small tips for whats going and do all the other stuff quietly. It SHOULD NOT interrupt me because I DONT CARE for whats going on with flash player.

      2.If I have google chrome and IE, then I have to suffer 2 update process. If I have more than one computer, for example 2 in my company and 1 in my home, then I will see at least 6 update notification per month. CRAZY!

      3.Most notifications for major updates has no useful information. Always repeat "better performance, better usability, security bug fixed". Make no sense for me.

      4.The notification window SHOULD NOT be "Always on top" and must have a minimize button cuz I DONT want to be interrupted by this window.