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    CS6 disappointment - am I missing a trick?


      Hi folks,


      I'm a long-time user through Cool Edit to the current version (skipping CS5). I've upgraded and I've been tentatively trying out CS6. Yesterday, I started my first full session in 6 for a soundtrack on a deadline. It feels now like a massive mistake. I'm just wondering am I missing out on something as regards setup or optimization because its performance is well below 3.0 which I also have installed on this machine. The project has a 48hr deadline and I'm at the point of bouncing stems and going back to 3.0 because I just can't afford to use CS6 today. Here's my issues which perhaps someone can give me advice on. It's a pretty decent new laptop running Windows 7. If there are some optimisation tricks I'm missing, please let me know as I couldn't see anything I could change in the settings.


      1. Crashes - it crashed numerous times. It just stops working and that is the only error message I get. I think this is related to the number of VSTs I'm using. But it's a lot less than I use on the same machine with v3.0. It's happened sometimes even when it was an Audition native effect I was adding. Which brings me to my next point..


      2. VSTs. It just doesn't seem to handle them as well as v3.0. Slowdowns, dropouts, buzzing,  I'm so disappointed at how the machine seems to be slowing down after using about half the plugins I'd use in 3.0. The slowdown is infuriating and unworkable. Which brings me to my next point..


      3. Pre-render. I have a group of drum tracks that I wanted to pre-render as the machine was slowing down. But after pre-render, half of the track is gone! It's muted somehow, I play up to a certain point and the tracks disappear. If I switch off pre-render, they're back again, but I can't do that as the machine slows down too much.


      4. Workspace. It just seems harder to work with. Too many boxes and I just can't seem to find a right zoom level for working with clips. Moving clips just seems so much harder than 3.0. The clip properties box is so annoying because if I need to make a minute timing adjustment, if I click in the wrong place when choosing a playback position to choose from, the box changes to something else such as session properties. Which brings me to my next point..


      5. Introducing lag! After I'd got to about 7 tracks, CS6 started introducing huge lag in newly recorded tracks. Really infuriating. So I'm having to re-align newly recorded tracks with the old ones, which is just not as easy as in 3.0 as I said above.


      As I say, frustrating on a deadline. It's terrible that I feel I made a mistake using the newer version than the old one when something important was at stake.

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          SuiteSpot Level 4

          Probably a good idea to expand upon "It's a pretty decent new laptop running Windows 7" - some detail about the laptop and the soundcard will help members on the forum to assist.


          All I can say is that like you I've used Audition since the CEP days and I too was a big fan of Au3 but there is no way I could go back to it now - just way too slow for starters and that's not to mention all the great new features. Could it be that your laptop is throttling down?


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            th23434 Level 1

            Yup sure, it's Intel i5 2.40ghz 4gb ram. But I'm not sure that's exactly my problem as v3.0 is performing great on this laptop.

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              Kost7 Level 1

              Do you have latest update to version 5.0.2 build 7? I too can testify like SuiteSpot that CS6 is much more stable and faster than Au3. I am on Windows 7 32 bit system now.

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                th23434 Level 1

                Yup, seems to be the latest update. It's also crashing now every time I close the session. Audio interface is Firepod by the way

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                  SuiteSpot Level 4

                  That is certainly not a good thing and not the norm.

                  I have a few of the Digimax FS and they are great and work just fine with CS6.Can we assume you have the latest drivers installed for the FP?


                  In the CS6 hardware preferences are you using the asio or mme driver option?

                  Its nearly 3am here so someone else will probably take it from here


                  Edit: It took me 10 minutes to get this posted - stupid forum software

                  I dreaded doing this edit

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                    Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    From the list of faults, I have to wonder if something was corrupted during the installation process.  Is it worth trying deleting the whole thing (including Preferences) and starting again.


                    No help at all to you th23434 but I'm another one who can confirm what Suitespot and others are saying--if anything CS6 has been faster and more stable than AA3.01 for me--and AA3.01 was darn good.

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                      th23434 Level 1

                      Hi folks again, I got through the project by the deadline but only luckily through them choosing the 2 of 3 options - and the least resource-heavy one I'm uninstalling it totally right now and going to try the re-install idea. I really want this to work! I am using the ASIO option, is that the one I should be using?

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                        Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Whether or not to use ASIO is determined by your sound car/audio interface, not Audition.  If your sound interface has ASIO drivers available then I'd sugget you use them by all means--lower latency, less Windows based clap trap between Audition and the interface.  However, unless you have the right ASIO drivers for your device installed, you'll need to use the built in WME drivers (or, perhaps, Asio4All which puts an ASIO wrapper around a WME device).


                        Good luck with the reinstall.

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                          th23434 Level 1

                          Hi again folks, grand by ASIO then. I will try reinstalling the drivers though to see does it have any effect.


                          Complete re-install did nothing, bar delete a nice mastering rack setup I'd created that I forgot to export Still crashing a lot yesterday. It's such a pity.

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                            th23434 Level 1

                            and by the way, 3.0.1 is still working great on the same machine.

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                              th23434 Level 1

                              Hi guys, I'm back again. At the time before, I just gave up and moved stems of the project into 3.0.1 to finish it. I decided to give it another go but it's behaving very strangely. Before, I did a reinstall of everything, soundcard drivers etc but the problem still came back.


                              I'm enjoying mixing in CS6 but I seem to have hit the same problem again. I can't add any more plugins. If I try - crashy crashy. This is a lot fewer plugins than I use in 3.0.1 on this same machine and it never crashes. I'm trying to work through a list of possible questions to ask Adobe about this and I'm googling solutions. Here are some questions I'm trying to follow up:


                              1. Is there an upper limit on the number of plugins I can use? I seem to be using lots, lots less than I use in an equivalent Audition 3.0.1 session on the same machine. It seems to be able to handle way more with no crashing.


                              2. Is there an upper number of audio files I can have open in a session?


                              3. Is there any known behaviour that causes crashes?


                              4. Are there any known plugins that cause crashes?


                              5. Are there any types of laptop that this just doesn't work well on?


                              6. Is there any automation behaviour or session setup parameters that cause crashes?


                              7. Are there any bugs to do with using split screens?


                              8. Is there any Windows 7 interaction that causes crashes? Any background services?



                              Please help me! I'm still massively disappointed with the software from the last time that this was not solved.

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                                SuiteSpot Level 4

                                Here are my answers :-

                                1. AFAIK it is limited only by the CPU ability to effectively process them

                                2. Limited by the ability of your PC to drag them off the hard drive - I have opened sessions with hundreds and hundreds of files attached

                                3. There were some but pretty sure they were all fixed in CC

                                4. There probably are some but none that I'm aware of

                                5. I don't use a laptop for this sort of work but I would imagine aone with a fast hard drive or even an SSD would be best

                                6. None that I know of

                                7. I've used split screens with Audition (since v3) for years without issue

                                8. No matter the version it is advisable to turn off any background processes which might detract in any shape or form, Anti-Virus, Wireless, etc


                                While I'm sure this doesn't help - this issue must be something unique to your setup otherwise everyone would have posts like yours


                                I'm going to be 'non compus mentis' for the next 36 hours but feel free to send (or post) an example sesx for myself and others to examine (just in case)

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                                  th23434 Level 1

                                  Yup, I really seem to have lucked out I really want to find out because I'm baffled how Audition 3 can work perfectly and CS6 can't.

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                                    th23434 Level 1

                                    Oh, I'm not using CC by the way... what were the ones that caused issues before CC?

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                                      th23434 Level 1

                                      Just did a memory check too, no problems there..

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                                        _durin_ Adobe Employee

                                        Can you go into detail on the size and scope of the sessions you're experiencing these problems with?  How many files and plug-in instances are involved?  What specifically is the scenario around the crashing?  (For example, does it crash when inserting an effect, during playback, when modifying effect parameters?)  What third-party effects are you using?

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                                          th23434 Level 1

                                          Hi again, I think this might actually be my problem..


                                          Waves crashes after loading 33rd instance (not DAW specific)



                                          Seems to be an issue with graphics cards, gonna try the fix now...


                                          So, my situation is 12 tracks of stems (mixed instrument mic mix levels in another session). The drums are in this session still for the moment but they're muted and with the effects powered off. In the actual session I've a mix of 3rd party (Waves, U-he and others I own) plus audition plugins. I thought it was crashing with any new plugin but actually testing it again now it seems to load other companies' plugins ok. Actually active plugins are only 20, with 15 powered off on the drums channels.

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                                            th23434 Level 1

                                            Ok, that fix didn't work, but I reduced the depth of my screen resolution to 16bit instead of 32bit and I seem to be back in action! Great!