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    After Effects and RED Raw

    Pierre Devereux Level 2

      Hi Guys,


      The day has arrived:




      Our Red Scarlet has arrived, along with the Canon Macro and Canon Wide lens. I have taken my first shot with it, and discovered that everything I have learned over the last year has been shot out of the water!


      I am going to have start from scratch now, figuring out how to import the RED RAW footage into AE. I can import it, and I know the settings sit under the "Interpret Footage","More options" area, but wow, its crazy! The footage looks nothing like what was displayed on the external monitors. Keying looks like it is going to be a new learning curve as well. I was wrongly certain that shooting with the RED would make keying really simple, but it seems to add more complexity to the work.


      Anyway, thats enough feeling sorry for myself, on the good side, we can get some incredibly sharp, close shots with the macro lens, and the wide angle is a great "All Purpose" lens for now. My question is as follows, (and I will look around anyway while awaiting a reply) does anyone have some tips and links to point me to a RED RAW AE workflow?


      Anything would be appreciated. I have started the journey with a few google searches, and will see what I can find.


      Here is to a new journey!