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    Latest update tried to force Google Chrome and Toolbar on me - why?


      Luckily I was watching the download screen and managed to hit the cancel button before they reached 100%.


      I am incensed. I was NOT given any opt-out option.


      I have found a thread on here which discusses the very same problem, which apparently has been happening for MONTHS! But thought I'd start a new thread, as requested.


      It was like so many other people on here have described, and posted screenshots of. I turned PC on. I got a black pop-up window telling me an update was available, and did i want to download and install it. I clicked on 'Yes'. I was told to click on the 'Run' to the next two pop-ups (rather than 'Save'). This I did.


      Then the black pop-up said it was downloading, then installing, not only the Flash player update, but also Chrome and Google Toolbar. Panicked and hit 'Cancel'.


      Why was I not given a choice?


      I have Windows Vista and IE 8.